Wolltraum - Custom Wish

Wolltraum - Custom Wish

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After clicking "Add to Cart", please add a note to indicate the exact colour names in the desired order in the comment section of the order. The first colour will be in the middle of the "cake".

50% Cotton 50% Acrylic

Available in these sizes:


100g/500m-3,5oz/547y (up to 3 colours)
150g/750m-5,3oz/820y (up to 4 colours)
200g/1000m-7oz/1094y (up to 4 colours)
250g/1250m-8,8oz/1368y (up to 4 colours)
300g/1500m-10,58oz/1640y (up to 4 colours)
500g/2500m-17,60oz/2734y (up to 4 colours)


150g/570m-5,3oz/620y (up to 5 colours)
200g/760m-7oz/620y (up to 5 colours)
250g/950m-8,8oz/10,38y (up to 5 colours)
300g/1140m-10,58oz/1246y (up to 7 colours)
500g/1900m-17,60oz/2077y (up to 7 colours)


250g/750m-8,8oz/820y (up to 5 colours)
300g/900m-10,58oz/984y (up to 5 colours)
500g/1500m-17,60oz/1640y (up to 5 colours)


100g/190m-3,5oz/207y (up to 4 colours)
200g/380m-7oz/415y (up to 4 colours)
300g/570m-10,58oz/623y (up to 4 colours)
500g/950m-17,60oz/1038y (up to 4 colours)

Available with or without glitter. The following glitters are available:

No1 = gold
No2 = silver
No3 = violet
No4 = riviera-light blue
No5 = platinum silver
No6 = red
No7 = green (light)
No8 = fuchsia
No9 = blue (dark)
No10 = brown
No11 = wine red
No12 = pink / matt
No13 = silver / black

Side-by-Side is only available in 4-ply.