TWIST Red Cables (Small, Large or Mini)

TWIST Red Cables (Small, Large or Mini)

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TWIST cables are memory-free! They consist of a multi-strand, steel cable coated with red nylon. Lifeline holes can be found at each end of these cables. Insert the T-shaped tightening key into the lifeline hole to assist with securing your tip/cable connection. 

*BLUE FLEX* is available for 20cm or smaller in S diameter. You can find smaller lengths here.



There are 3 diameters for joining parts - Small [S], Large [L] and Mini [M].

Parts coded [S] are compatible with other [S] coded parts and US2 (2.75mm) – US8 (5mm) tips.

Parts coded [L] are compatible with other [L] coded parts and US9 (5.5mm) – US15 (10mm) tips.

Parts coded [M] are compatible with other [M] coded parts and sizes US000 (1.5mm) to US1.5 (2.5mm) tips.

You could also get a cable adapter (sold separately) to match all diameters S, M and L. Available here


Cord Length

Available in these Lengths: 20cm, 35cm, 55cm, 75cm, 93cm, 125cm
For sock or smaller circular knitting that requires shorter cords and needle tips, use Shorties Combo.